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We are winning markets in Europe and the US, paving the way for our partners with the unique search engine lead generation system. Do you think SEO will take up much of your time or feed you off before proving effective? We opened up the way to the heart of Google, discovering how to get relevant traffic within a few days after the promotion.

SEO Consulting

We will help you hone your SEO skills and improve expertise by guiding you through every stage of your project development.

Product Dev

We will develop and optimize your project from scratch. Even if the idea is all you have, our whizzes can build a website around it to drive organic traffic and generate more leads.


While marketing your product or service, we will generate only relevant leads for you, charging only the cost per the desired action.

Breaking into the Top-Ranking Pages: IT-Focused SEO Solutions and SERM

What does SEO-consulting imply? First of all, it is the full-cycle counseling on the means and methods of getting search traffic. There are tones of channels to reach your target audience that do not come down to your website or authoritative platforms like Forbes.com. So, we will promote your business, using the right keywords or integrating links to your website into the content that is already among TOP-5 ranking pages based on the given keywords. Our keystone states, "Result First." And in the case of SEO, the Result is measured in the number of leads generated via the search engine.

Niches we are especially good at:

IT solutions
  • Our Mission
    • To help your business break into the Top-ranking pages of Google through brand-new SEO methods and techniques. In our experts' skilled hands, they will level up your website and drive steady and relevant traffic.
    • To break new ground for your project with SEO and content marketing. SEO is a complex beast that will not work well without good content and responsive design. To make your website rank well in the search engine, we combine both of these tools.
    • To help you enter the global market or create and launch an international project for you.
  • Our services

SEO Consulting

SEO development expert assistance - from the semantic analysis to the elimination of index coverage issues. Within this focus area, we provide the following services:


You are the leverage of your SEO strategy, and we will be its driving force to steer your effort on the right course. With our expert counseling, you will create and implement your winning strategy step-by-step.

SEO Audit

A comprehensive SEO assessment that allows identifying errors and checking the website for compliance with search engine standards.

On-Page SEO

High-quality content and technical optimization with due regard to semantic SEO is the ultimate recipe for your SEO success.

SEO Promotion

The development and implementation of a comprehensive set of measures for your website SEO optimization.

What If SEO Isn't Enough?

Supposing you have optimized your website to the bone, but it's still not ranking. What's next? Hundreds of business owners face the same situation right now. The core is that effective SEO doesn't come down to technical issues. There are a great many factors that impact your site's position in the SERP - backlink profile, the quality of content, and even user experience. All these aspects are intimately related to SEO effectiveness. That is why we also have the following services in our arsenal:

Link building

High-quality link building (or off-page SEO) makes 60% of success in International SEO. The ultimate expertise and best practices coupled with our versatile link-building platform guestposter.io will help you develop a winning off-page SEO strategy.

UX/UI Design

SEO without usability is a dead-end road. We will help you flesh your website out with a user-friendly and attractive design.

SEO Website from Scratch

Do you have an idea but don't know how to turn it into a commercially successful project? We will take the lead on your website development and launching - from its creation to off-page SEO and reputation management.

Content Marketing

Filling the website and blog with high-quality content, taking into account all the requirements and standards of the Google search engine, is the true key to a lucrative website. Thanks to our content marketing solutions, your audience will fall in love with your content.

CPA Marketing

Dozens of commercially successful projects launched from scratch have helped us acquire the exclusive expertise we strive to share with you. Based on the comprehensive analysis, we can predict the possibility of your website breaking into the TOP SERP.

Thus, we also launch our own projects, developing and monetizing them through CPA marketing. Holding our winning techniques and strategies under lock and key is not our style. So, we strive to share our expertise to help you promote your business with CPA marketing in the following niches:

Proxy Services

Product Development

With our native GuestPoster.io platform, you can access hundreds of relevant resources around the globe to publish your guest and sponsored posts. The set of features include communication with publishers, placement, content effectiveness monitoring, integration of references to your website into the well-ranked content, etc. GuestPoster.io makes link building available and affordable for every business and individual.

Leave all your problems related to driving relevant traffic behind - 87% of our clients claimed that they succeeded in boosting their audience by 60% or more.

Guest Post Service

You're just a few clicks away from building your perfect backlink profile and driving only relevant traffic. With GuestPoster, your content will always reach the target audience.

About the service
  • Are you a business owner looking for ways to gain links and references?

    On the platform, you will find thousands of websites ready to publish your guest post or mention your company in the existing content. Find pages that already rank well with your keywords and add links to your website in two shakes.

  • Do you run a blog or media website and want to raise its revenue?

    Get access to hundreds of potential advertisers who are willing to publish a guest or sponsored article on your website or integrate their links into your content.

Content Marketing Strategies That Google Can't Resist

Adapting your website to the search engine standards is never enough to start ranking in the Top 10 pages of Google. Hundreds of websites from various niches use SEO, but the Top SERPs remain relatively stable. Therefore, there's an art to breaking into it. And we have it down to a science! Our team is mastering content, design, usability, and reputation to establish a solid foundation for your website to stay in the Top SERPs for long, bringing a stable profit.

  • The key to the success of each project is the teamwork

    Your project will always be under the supervision and guidance of several specialists with different backgrounds. Everyone is an expert in their field; therefore, it allows achieving maximum efficiency. Our team involves SEO specialists, content managers, copywriters, marketers, link builders, analysts, web designers, developers, and proofreaders.

  • The strategy lies at the heart of everything

    Your business goals are behind any SEO strategy. We not only implement the best SEO practices but also carry out complex work based on your needs and long-term marketing plans.

  • The holistic approach to SEO promotion

    Effective SEO is complex SEO, and it does not come down to basic optimization. We are always open to new SEO practices and techniques that go beyond traditional SEO. While working on your project, we take into account all ranking factors - Google algorithm rules, domain, user interaction, brand signals, etc.

  • Expertise is our cornerstone

    We specialize not only in SEO: content, marketing, design, and analytics are equally vital. Mastering all of these tools, we know how to combine and apply them practically in the most effective way.

We Create What Search Engines Love

Over the last 6 years, our team has created from scratch and developed numerous projects in such areas as medicine, education, IT, tourism, cryptocurrency, etc. We have collaborated with companies of different scales and sizes - from local businesses to large corporations. Over 110 audits were conducted, more than 200 consultations were carried out, and over 35 projects with complex SEO promotion were completed. Herewith, we are constantly expanding our horizons and seek out new opportunities for enhancement.
Here are some projects we are particularly proud of:

Regenerativ medicine clinical center

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Web & Mobile Solutions Development

  • The promotion of the company’s products and solutions to the international market;
  • The assistance in the creation of content marketing strategy;
  • Counseling on the optimization of solutions and the company’s domestic resources.
534% ROI
432% Organic growth
Amazon Product Research Tools

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Customers Talk...

“Dmitry is a great SEO specialist with solid experience and great communication skills. He provided a detailed audit with recommendations and improvements plan within a deadline, and the outcome was above all expectations. We will definitely work with Dmitry again. Thank you!”


“The task was completed according to the deadlines. Dmitry is always in touch, easy to communicate and cooperate with. He is a responsible and professional SEO specialist. We will contribute to work with him in the future tasks.”

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Key facts

6 Years of experience
150 + Projects completed
10 Professionals


  • First contact

    From the very start, we conduct a free express audit to identify your project’s most critical issues and vulnerabilities. Then, we discuss the website development strategy, choosing the most effective trajectory.

  • Commercial offer preparation

    Having identified the vision of your project development, we prepare an individual commercial offer. Each commercial offer focuses on your business objectives and marketing goals. It contains clear KPIs and deadlines for their implementation.

  • Concluding a Contract

    We prepare a contract for each specific project based on the commercial offer, which explicitly indicates the obligations of both parties. We do not burden you with package offers. You can choose only those services you think are vital for your business under individual conditions.

  • Getting Started

    As soon as all paperwork is over, we create the infrastructure for productive work. You get to know the members of the team that will implement the chosen strategy.

  • Every week

    Weekly, you receive a report on the steps taken towards your objectives and KPI fulfilled. Apart from that, we hold a meeting to discuss current results and plans for the next week.

  • Every month

    Monthly, we prepare a comprehensive report on the whole work done that contains the key metrics, measuring the results achieved - traffic growth, keyword statistics, the number of articles published, links employed, etc.

Meet our team

CEO Dmitriy

Building brand reputation with SEO and SERM takes months. But to take the lead among the competitors, one should constantly uphold it and contribute to the brand development.

Head of Content Marketing Irina

What makes our content strategies different from those offered by the competitors? We don't write about what business is interested in, but rather what people are passionate about. It is the only way to ensure the flow of relevant traffic.

Head of Web Development Vladimir

The reason to have a website doesn't come down to the fact that every business should have it. The point is that your website will work for you, generating profit all day and all night long 24/7 at almost zero cost. Even the full-fledged sales team is not capable of doing so.

Head of Design Nikita

Design primarily determines the success of any project. Even if you create brilliant content, it is all about UX/UI design to make it visible for users.

Head of Linkbuilding Anna

It is not the strongest that survives in the Google TOP SERP but rather the most responsive to its updates.


Why should I trust your company to work on my project?

Entrusting your project to someone else is never easy. There are always a lot of things to consider while choosing an SEO company. Thus, you are the only one to make a decision on an SEO services provider. On the other hand, there are several reasons to trust us:

  • The experience of over 6 years in SEO and content marketing: we work with acknowledged experts in various fields. Apart from employees, we have a team of freelance professionals who constantly keep their eyes on the ball.
  • Our expertise is supported with successful cases and positive customer reviews.
  • We can provide both complex SEO promotion and different services such as SEO audit, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, SERM, etc. Thus, you can prioritize only those services you think are crucial for your website.

To turn the scale, contact us to discuss how we can help you bring your project vision to life.

Where can I find more reviews about your work?

You will find some information and customer feedback on this website. If it is not enough, you can contact us at +375(33)3112776 or send an email to [email protected]. We are always ready to provide contact details of our current and past partners. They will not mind sharing impressions on their experience of collaboration with us.

Can I get a free SEO audit?

We usually provide the audit at zero cost as part of a free consultation. It gives you a chance to get counseling on the most critical issues and discover the ways to achieve the desired results. However, you should not expect to find out how to handle every problem on your website. Also, we cannot provide detailed instructions and a list of all tools and techniques for its optimization. The free audit is always basic and meant to estimate the scale of the work roughly. For a more accurate assessment, you will need an in-depth SEO audit. Besides, you should keep in mind that we may refuse to conduct a free audit due to the lack of free time or capacity to do this.

I have seen cheaper SEO services. Why are yours better?

Every SEO specialist determines the price of their work based on experience, skills, supply and demand balance. Equally, the cost of our services is determined by our expertise in the field of search engine optimization. That is why we can ensure the effectiveness of our work. SEO cannot be better or worse in terms of quality - it is either effective or not. Thus, we recommend being extremely attentive while choosing an SEO services provider.

Is it possible to conclude a contract?

Yes, we set up a contract with every client. The company is registered as an individual entrepreneur; therefore, we cooperate with all customers on a legal basis that implies the documented contractual obligations.

What guarantees do you provide?

SEO services are very similar to legal services. Unfortunately, an attorney cannot give you a 100% guarantee that they will reach a case. Likewise, no SEO specialist can ensure that your website will be the first ranking page of Google. No one knows the complete list of factors by which websites are ranked in the search engines (except for the developers of these search engines). So, all SEO specialists develop the set of measures based on their own experience and search engines' recommendations. Thus, it is vital to choose an SEO professional with a solid background in the field.

What approach do you practice?

If you have worked with other SEO specialists or providers, you probably noticed that each of them has a different approach. Some say that you need to buy links; others insist on intensive content development. As for us, we adhere to the strategy of maximum semantic kernel development, creating a large number of high-quality landing pages, blog marketing, comprehensive on-page optimization, and constant competitor analysis. Only after that, we start developing the backlink profile and improving the website reputation.

How soon can I expect the result?

Every project is individual. So, the result depends on the current state of the website. On average, the progress shows up in 2-3 months of intensive work. SEO is a long-term task, do not expect the result straight away.

Why do I need SEO if I can buy PPC ads?

One way or another, every business website needs SEO. For some companies, it is the primary source of traffic and, therefore, it results in conversion and sales. For others, SEO serves as an additional source of profit. In both cases, it is essential to work on search engine optimization. The main advantage of SEO over PPC advertising is that if you stop paying for optimization services, your traffic will continue to grow.

On the other hand, your traffic will be cut off when you stop paying for PPC ads. Thus, SEO is more profitable in the long-term perspective than PPC advertising. However, many experts recommend combining both tools to maximize the revenue.

Can you handle any type of project?

We prefer to avoid working with projects from prohibited niches such as adult websites promotion, betting, etc.

I do not have a website yet. Should I work on SEO?

The best and the correct option is to develop a website together with an SEO specialist. It is much easier to create the website taking into account all SEO requirements from the very start, than to optimize the existing resource later. Therefore, the high time to start SEO is at the development stage.

Are You Ready to Take a Step Towards Your Perfect SEO?

If you have any questions, fill in the form below, and we will contact you right off. We are always open to dialogue and ready to facilitate your road to high search rankings.